Top 10 Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking 


In the last few years, the ethical hacking industry has been in the spotlight a lot more than ever before the GDPR was revised. Here are the top 10reasons you should learn ethical hacking to make it a career.  

1. It's never boring to work 

Are you afraid of a boring job that becomes monotonous every day? A career in ethical hacking may be for you. You'll be doing a lot of brainstorming as old threats evolve into new attacks. This is not your typical brainstorming. You will need to solve the problems left by crackers as an ethical hacker. 

2. You can work in any industry   

Every company should have an ethical hacker. It doesn't matter if the company is a logistics firm, a social media company, or just textiles. If they have an internet-facing site or deal with lots of user-generated information, hackers are likely to target them. An ethical hacker is sought after by many industries. This goes beyond the IT industry. It is great to learn ethical hacking without being restricted by domain. 

3. Generous salary 

We can all agree that money is what makes the world go around. Due to recent privacy breaches, the world has come to realize how important cybersecurity is. Public and private agencies are searching for ethical hackers to protect their systems against cybercriminals. These companies will pay a handsome salary to security professionals who can effectively protect their company's privacy from hackers. 

4. A greater sense of achievement 

The job of an ethical hacker, at its core, is to protect. Giving protection is always a way to feel more accomplished. Every day, thousands of people are victims of malicious hackers. It is the job of an ethical hacker to protect an organization from such crimes. If you are looking for a fulfilling job with real satisfaction and the opportunity to make a difference, study ethical hacking. 

5. There are many opportunities 

Although an ethical hacker can find work in many industries, the good news is not over. A recent Bureau of labor statistics study found that there are 300,000.0_ job opportunities for certified ethical hackers. The lack of professionals means that these positions are often unfilled. You should not worry about missing out on potential opportunities if you are an ethical hacker. 

6. Hacking: The thrill of hacking 

An ethical hacker does not want to harm others. He reports a security vulnerability to the right people. This is unlike hackers who use it for their gain. An ethical hacker not only protects an organization but also experiences the thrill of hacking into a computer system. This is undeniably an adrenaline rush.   

7. Global Recognition 

The CEH exam is required to become an ethical hacker. This exam assesses your knowledge and ability to apply the various fundamentals of ethical hacking or penetration testing. The Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate is awarded to you after you have passed the exam. This certification is more than just a regular certificate. It increases the holder's market value tremendously. TheCEH certification's value is internationally recognized and should make it easy to get a job anywhere. 

8. Travel the World 

If you are a travel enthusiast and want to explore the world, then ethical hacking could be the right career choice. There are thousands of ethical hackers in the country, many working for businesses, government agencies, and consumers. The rise in cyber-attacks on a global level is outpacing the number of white hat hackers. There are many opportunities for cybersecurity experts and professionals to travel abroad to practice their skills, which is a great opportunity. If you've ever dreamed of working in another country, then a career as an ethical hacker could be the perfect way to get there. 

9. For Fortune 500 Companies, work for us 

Everyone wants to work at the top company in their industry. It doesn'tmatter if you are in the IT or fashion industries, where everyone dreams of working at Google. This is possible because a domain does not have to be restricted. Either you work for Calvin and Klein as an ethical hacker, protecting their systems and preventing top designs from being stolen, or you can simply be an ethical hacker for Facebook. 

10. Protect yourself 

Before he can help others, one should be able to protect himself. You can become an ethical hacker and protect yourself from any cybercrime, from password theft to fraud with debit cards. You also learn how to defend yourself against the majority of cybercrimes, 

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